The Bard of Typheousina

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The Adventures of Tom McGuire. Enjoy

The Dream Catcher
NABE - Pinnacle Achievement Award Best Juvenile Fiction Book 2012
This book discusses "Good over Evil, and that good always prevails. This is the third book of five from the Adventures of Tom McGuire Series .....It is now available as a paperback and as an ebook on KINDLE in all leading book stores and on-line.
The Dream Catcher: The Adventures of Tom McGuire

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A mythical,sci-fiction, fantasy, adventure, action packed with creatures and escapdes fighting evil with good. A book for YA and children to enjoy. Now available from new publishers AMAZON ISBN:-978-1466353770 Click more to read reviews

Magnificent Reveal

Magnificent Reveal

This is the fifth book from the series, The Adventures of Tom McGuire.


Banished James embarks on an expedition to bring his brother back to Earth. His mission is to stop the powerful demon Queen Morkann in her dark ambitions. He invites his feisty scientist friend, Amber Rawlings to accompany him. Although reluctant she joins him and they both reach the strange lands through the Milky Way where good and evil forces commence battle. Will goodness prevail?


A fast paced novel created for all to read and enjoy. This book will be out very soon. Look out for more updates.




Suddenly a dazzling shower of shooting stars streaking across the galactic space above erupted.

Rumblings with moving shadows in the space above and all around them were seen.The brightly

coloured shooting star rocks whizzed past in all different directions, shapes and sizes across the Milky

Way at great speed. They watched gazing at the dazzling obscure event.Some of the stars vaporised

in the atmosphere, and a small part of some of them fell to earth as dust.

They had wondered deep into the chasm mesmerized in a hypotonic swirl of stars in flamboyant iridescent colours.

As they peered deep into the cavern they could see the opening to the fissure.

The spellbinding light protruding through the crevasse sparkling, brightly illuminating their route and beckoning them to walk on ahead.

The sound was loud, like the wrath of war only this time they could see it too.


"Amber, there is no map is there? Answered James. Yes, look, - I know you may feel this to be odd, but you must believe me, when I tell you I know where I am going and where I am?"

At that moment, the infinite space sky filled with a bright iridescent light so blinding Amber was forced to quickly cover her face, squeezing her eyes tightly whilst trying to protect them from the sharp illuminating light, "Argh! James!"

James, half expecting something to happen, gawped at the luminous light with squinted eyes, his face frowning, unsure of the energy source. But a sudden and unexpected ripple of fire occurred burning the floor with a message appearing with lambent flames raging across the ground.

Morkann's Revenge

This book discusses "Good over Evil, and that good always prevails. This is the second book of five in the Tom McGuire Series.
The Adventures of Tom McGuire : Morkann's RevengeThe Adventures of Tom McGuire: Morkann's RevengeAll books available on:-

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The Last Enchantment

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NABE PINNCLE BOOK AWARD WINNER FOR Sci-Fi Summer 2015 Image result for gold stars reviewsImage result for gold starsBest Books of the Month
Brilliant read! This book is amazingly detailed and descriptive 22 Aug. 2015
By DB Jones (US Author) - Published on
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Brilliant read! This book is amazingly detailed and descriptive.
I love how Rayner Tapia's vivid and colorful descriptive narrative brings her characters and worlds to life.
She captures thesoul of young Tom's courage and determination as he struggles in battle against the evils that plague his universe.
If you like fantasy and adventure, I would highly recommend this read! Great job Rayner Tapia!!!

full front cover vol 4

This is the fourth book in the series. It discusses
"Good over Evil, and that good always prevails, which at times is difficult through the many tribulations that occur.
However, trying to untangle a web
of what is good and bad beyond redemption and another which is
faultless in every way leads to a discovery that perhaps should not
have been found. The elements of Good and what is Bad drives the narative, which evolves into
a triangle waiting to unravel its mystery. This Y/A Sci-fiction
fourth novel of five from The Adventures of Tom McGuire series now ascertains the magic
of when dreams are broken sometimes someone is always to blame.
'The dark world resides in dooom and the light will not shine through to bring
peace in the dominion land without their true Queen"

'The Last Enchantment ISBN-13: 978-1500708290
ISBN-10: 1500708291. Book to Be Out in JUNE 2015


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The Last Enchantment, 'These were the planets beyond the darkness of space and time, where it would lose its continuity. The questions, which would intrigue the boys frequently was the reasoning that had led them to the distant planets? These questions befuddled their already daunted minds;But James, tried to make sense of this inscrutable mystery. The mystery of his Mother, Lindiarna, the good and the bad creatures they had met and would meet again. These along with the daring escapades they would inevitably encounter and Morkann, evil of all evil was darker than ever!

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The brothers Tom and James McGuire work to project an air of normality as they attempt a typical college life - growing stronger and more confident as they continue to keep vital information under wraps.

But as secret princes of the planet Oblivionara, their earthly lives are plagued by the pursuit of the demon princess Morkann, who seeks control of their mother's home planet for herself. While protecting Lindiarna's secret from earthly discovery, the siblings must also ward off increasingly brutal attacks from the forces of evil-hoping that their love for each other will be enough to light their way.

In the fourth novel of The Adventures of Tom McGuire series, unforeseen turmoil strikes the McGuire family-as darkness threatens to destroy them once and for all.

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The wild lands from, "The Last Enchantment"

The land of light and hope - Oblivionara.


Moradiya - The dark and demonic planet where light will never shine.


Chiron the lead Centaur, battles with the Ghouls, using his power and
strength to hold back the surge of evil in the dominion land.

James, is trapped in the gorge as Morkann unleashes her wrath the image of violent flames roar
in the Volcano of Doom.'When the battle enrages for the dominion lands, her wrath
will fight its
way with fierce flames through the mountains and labyrinth!'

This dark sci-fi fantasy tale entices you to feel the fury.
If you can then you must read:- 'The Last Enchantment'. Now available on
Amazon and in Kindle format.


Aspero battles against the Ghouls whilst he leads his army to protect the dominion land of Oblivionara.

battle scene final

Iktomi -

The trickster below, frightens Tom and Jambalee. This is the son of the 'Rock God' who withdrew the wisdom of Iktomi due to his folly. Now a menacing character who is able to take any image as his own.

iktomi6smlIktomi's face no longer resembles that of a dragon.
He slowly initiated his transformation returning to the creature he once was.

Tom and James were aghast watching the strange creature transmute.
They watched the first, colour change. The red ferocious dragon
liquefied, like a chameleon into a pale shade of sodium to blend into the
mottled ground. His
eyes shrunk and shriveled into part of his robe.

The heavy boned brown wings of the dragon closed up and
wrapped itself around its neck as a beaded and stone necklace.
The brothers stood back gazing in horror as Iktomi slowly transmuted
into the warrior
creature they had first met.
Tom glanced at the trickster knowing
he had returned.


"I am Natalya, I am the embodiment of good. I am the
love that you have. I am here for you, and I have come to help;

remember, only righteousness will succeed. I am here to take

you to reclaim your throne, so that goodness will prevail."


Her voice gently trailed off leaving a haunting echo rumbling through the metallic pipes. Natalya elevated

toward the boiler room door, her light robe dragging across the floor. She followed, equating each step

to her life whilst reflecting back to her childhood in the Gardens of Lost Treasures, surrounded by the palatial opulence in the grounds of Prytaneum.