Latino Book Fair 2011 & Other events 2011
Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Readers are Leaders. Rayner is humble and privileged to be invited to attend the latino Book Fair prestigious event of the Latino Book Fair 2011. Look out for more information on the author Rayner Tapia

Rayner Tapia donated £200.00 worth of her new books first and second release together with book marks for a world charity AFFF(A foundation for the future). This is a London based charity helping those less fortunate to go to school. The Charity is to help those individuals from across the Caribbean.
AFFF have witnessed many children unable to read or write, and as a result has developed many projects in Caribbean communities to give education opportunities to children, by assisting with the direct costs of education, and/or the associated subsistence costs.

The first consignment has been delivered to Jamaica helping a school in St Thomas . I hope the children will enjoy the read. Here is the website should you wish to help

Red House Children's Book Awards
Friday, 19 November 2010
NewsRed House Books - The Home of Childrens Books

I am to attend an award ceremony for Red house award books. This award will look at authors who have published in 2008 I have been given the accolade of participating in attending such a prestigious ceremony, Thank you Sinead. This was amazing, I was book signing and speaking to all the Celebes of the book world, - amazing! Book signing and meeting lots of Authors, Wow!

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British Hafta Awards 2009
Friday, 19 November 2010

NewsYoung Achiever Award 2010
Sponsored by Aston University
Award presented by Professor Graham Hooley,Senior Pro-vice-Chancellor of Aston University.

The British Hafta Awards 2010 took place in Birmingham on the 29th October in an evening of glamour and glitz. I was awarded the prestigious award of 'Young Achiever's Award 2010", which was sponsored by Aston University, for the contribution of cultural cohesion. In book, 'The Adventures of Tom McGuire', hopes to cross all ethnic groups and cultures.

altSky TV - Interview and discuss award.

PlayVybz Radio Media Partners
Friday, 19 November 2010
PlayVybz Radio based in London are now my Media Partners. Listen On-line.
Media partners Author Rayner Tapia with CEO of PLAYVYBZ RADIO Andrea Vybz.

Young Achiever Award 2009
Friday, 19 November 2010

presentationYoung Achiever Award, Sponsored by Aston University - Rayner Tapia
Rayner is a rising star.

Her life experiences have prompted her to pursue a career she realised is so passionate to her. She describes the events of the last ten years as "very difficult" during which her father, "who meant the world to me", passed away. Following the birth of her third son, she wanted to write about the greatness of a father and the love between a mother and her sons, without being too melodramatic. This was as well the difficulties that life brings along with various people and tribulations it meets along the way.

She started by writing children's poems and short stories. Today, she is a fully-fledged author and has been recognised locally, nationally and internationally for her series of short books, written both in English with some Latin prose. Her books include The Adventures of Tom McGuire, The Bard of Typhoeusina and Morkann's Revenge. She is frequently called upon to conduct booksigning for her fans.

In June this year, she was hosted an Author table and presented her books for nomination 2010 at the RedHouse Children's Book Awards ceremony held in Birmingham. A former IT lecturer/Analyst, Rayner is currently in the process of completing four more books. Watch this space...



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